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by Martyna Bizdra

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Communication and the future

Richard Branson (billionaire, one of the greatest Leaders of our time) was once asked about the source of his ideas and ability to achieve excellence in nearly every new project he starts.

He said that it was simple. What you need to do is to observe the world, learn about it, raise your personal standards and you will see which areas of our world need improvement, what can be done better so the whole system functions more efficiently.  For him the world is the mine of gold ideas. And he talks to people all around the world. He is a master in communication.  Success comes with more responsibility.


Business of the future will be based on your ability to communicate openly and be understood by other people. It has always been this way, you will say. But… we are approaching a different situation, where Climate Change and rising world population will set new standards. Not only in terms of global overpopulation ( according to the UN Population Division, it is estimated that the global community will have increased from current 7 billion to 10 or even 16 billion by 2100). What also matters is the fact that the massive growth happens in the “developing world”, and the societies in North America, Western Europe are aging. New cultures and economies are emerging.

Rapid growth and changes are happening in front of our eyes – it took us 12 years only to grow from 6 billion to 7 billion citizens…

It means both incredible challenges and opportunities for those who will be able to welcome changes and find solutions to raising problems… and to create new communities of followers, like it happens in case of Virgin or

Climate will bring more rapid changes like massive flooding, hurricanes, droughts, actions toward security, safety of the ecosystem, and greater control of people…

It will shift the focus of governments, business individuals and have massive impact on poverty, food security, global safety meaning peace. Our world is interconnected, and the rising  global population makes the emerging problems more complex.

Your ability to broadcast your ideas, make people believe and follow you, will be essential. The clearer your message the better connection with others. It will help you know more about their needs, and give them better solutions fast.

Big Business Opportunities

Why it is essential to be trusted? With more and more distractions, opportunities we have in our hands nowadays, there is less time to do everything we want. Growing complexity of our world full of economical, ecological, political, social challenges crates greater need for clarity, understanding, certainty… and authorities.


When there is not much time to learn about everything we want, most of us start looking for experts so time can be saved and… Decision making can be given to somebody else. People often want to rely on judgment of others.

Authorities create communities around themselves, product, brand or set of values. It starts to form when the message is clear and understandable.

The internet freed the information, and brought us closer to each other. We can see what is happening on the other side of the globe instantly and think of the consequences it might have on our business ventures or life in general. There is also another side to the idea of global access to information. Emotions can spread out faster. Passion for sport games, panic when markets crash or tsunami destroys cities and kills people in Japan, or joy when we see a baby Hippo being born in ZOO in Wroclaw, Poland. Things and events seem to be close and important.


Ages ago, when the roads were not that common, it was really difficult to spread the messages quickly  across the countries, or to mobilize people when it was necessary, or to even know what was needed in the distant areas. Building roads created quicker connection, enriched the centralized systems, and created the feeling of belonging to a community which gave rise to countries and national identities. People were able to meet and share their stories. Roads created bonds, and bigger communities. Nowadays your mastery in understanding people and communicating, creates this net of “roads” and strengthens your business or sense of connection with the rest of the world.

Communication means

  • influence
  • knowledge
  • faster action- due to more accurate facts and knowledge
  • money

In order to build a safe future, we need global unity. Through communication you will be able to understand more about the delicate state of global balance. This understanding will most likely produce extraordinary giant new businesses. And will be a necessity in any business venture that plans to exist for longer than just a decade.

Richard Branson-

“Let’s do business like there is a tomorrow”


bon appetit  Big Business Opportunities

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