The Leadership Skills of the Future. Part II

by Martyna Bizdra

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What kind of leadership skills will be required in the future?


Our future will require the ability to find new solutions to the growing problems of the ecosystem, the stability of world peace, and thus our survival. In many already destitute nations, such as parts of Africa and South America, a lack of food can easily create wars between groups of people. The changing situation will bring huge challenges and also great opportunities. Business will flourish, and it will build strong foundations for the security and future of our planet.

In the future what leadership skills will be needed? And what type of leaders will be required?
Throughout history, we have seen time and again that chaos always gives birth to a strong ruler like in Russia- Kathrine the Great or or in more recent history,Joseph Stalin.
But if we want to protect our future we will need something absolutely opposite. To survive as a whole, to sustain life on earth, not just for humans but for the animals and plants, to have fresh water and clean air we need leaders who will be able to unify the whole planet. Like Napoleon Bonaparte , the god of war, Alexander the Great of Macedon. Humans and wildlife. With the growing number of people and declining resources of fresh water and food, we will have no choice but to start existing more consciously as one organism. Or to start fighting for food, which will encourage catastrophic consequences, which is what happened in Rwanda and Burundi in 1994, when genocide claimed the lives of nearly 1 million people in only 100 days.

Forecasts For the Future

  • our current population of 6.8 billion is estimated to grow to 8.9 billion by 2050, which will continue to increase the already high levels of pollution, conflicts between nations, and a growing need for food and water and thus more fertile land
  • growing need for strong individuals and to raise of the importance of proper authority
  • depletion of the fisheries of the oceans
  • more severe weather changes and weather-related catastrophes like hurricanes as well as more difficulty in producing food because of too high or too low temperatures
  • rising level of poverty caused by the weather changes, and therefore a rise in terrorism
  • huge differences between the wealthy and the poor and the rise of wealth in the more technologically advanced nations

But not just negative forecasts; there will be some positive ones, too:

  • decrease in pollution because of an increase in human consciousness about the need to sustain life; popularity of eco-friendly technology and thinking
  • birth of a new type of “profitable and good for the planet” business, as well as business leaders like Richard Branson
  • increase of awareness of the growth of practical education; the importance and power of the internet and TV
  • rising level of health concerns that will catapult the protection of the wildlife
  • growth of large corporations

So the leadership skills that will be needed are:

  • integrity, complete honesty
  • open-minded cooperation with nature as a partner and surrounding oneself with the top thinkers on the planet
  • drive for excellence
  • hunger for knowledge about the stability of the ecosystem
  • strategic thinking and decisiveness like long-term goal planning and the ability to monetize the crisis
  • the desire to persuade business people to invest in “green” companies, and to give such firms the ability to prosper
  • empowerment
  • passion about the future
  • persuasiveness
  • independent thinking as well as the ability to respect and listen to others
  • ability to question reality
  • ability to understand human psychology and the behavior of the masses

Nature has the power to rebuild itself, but we need to give it time. The 21st century is the era of choice; if we can think globally, our future will be more prosperous and happy than we have ever experienced before in the history of humankind. There is a way to do it—education and integrity are the keys to the future.

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What are your thoughts about the Leadership of the future? What do you think, what Leadership Skills will be needed? What might be different, and will it influence the business-side of life?

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