Formal education and success

by Martyna Bizdra

Today I went to Wroclaw, a great city in Poland, my home country. While going through the streets, I stopped by a musician playing his guitar. And stayed there amused, for at least 10 minutes while he was playing music he had created. It was unbelievable. So much passion, creativity, talent and skill! A small […]


On Monday Boston was hit by two explosions that killed 3 and injured 183 people. The bombs went off during the annual Boston marathon event, which gathered over 29 000 runners and exploded in the crowds of people cheering up near the finish line. As of today, three days later, several of the critically injured […]

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When you commit to achieving something you have never done before, you jump into the unknown, live on a high. You have no choice, but to create new solutions to the problems that arise. Ten of thousands years ago when our ancestors lived in the woods, their daily survival was a constant question mark. Fight […]

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Talented Formula 1 drivers fascinate me, Ayrton Senna (Brazil), Michael Schumacher (Germany), Robert Kubica (Poland). Their victories aren’t surprising at all. Mental skills, visualizations, daily trainings, repeated for years. But what happens when they have a serious car accident that temporarily blocks them from racing?


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Business, leadership and sports, are only theoretically different fields, but in fact, have much in common. Let me tell you a true story that happened recently, with a message you wouldn’t like to miss. A couple of weeks ago, two extremely good climbers died on Broad Peak. It is a 8047 meters above sea level […]